under the radar “Pass It On” Money Maker

Perfection is Not Required

Nothing fanciful… Not perfect… I know. But if you’re serious and act on this, you will get to make a legitimate passive income online for sure!

So, read on!

You need not be perfectly trained in sales and marketing or have everything set up or be an expert at all before being able to make money online!  This PDF comes with a Funded Proposal. This means, while you are still learning and understanding how things work, perhaps even making loads of mistakes along the way and in the midst of setting up things, first re-brand this under the radar “Pass It On” Money Maker with your own money-making links and pass it on respectfully without spamming anyone, and you will be able to earn a deserving income when others like yourself take action and invest accordingly like your good self as recommended =) This whole process takes very little time to set up (technically no longer than a day even if you’re slow) and you literally need not even meet anyone to do this!

Winners make things happen. Losers make excuses.

What Led To This PDF?

Many people are facing financial difficulties during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Turning to ways to make a living online has either been a great blessing or a horrible curse for many during this time…

If you learn the wrong things, you will not only fail to make a single cent, but you could even risk losing all your savings! Many so called “gurus” do not genuinely care about actually helping you make a decent income online. They just want you to keep buying from them and become their repeat customers. It’s all about their own bottom line.

You will find this statement true especially if you have experienced being scammed of your money during this time and still finding yourself nowhere near knowing how to generate an income online with certainty. You might already be familiar with the ridiculous upselling, the feeling of being cheated over and over again, the overwhelming feeling that no matter how fast or how much you learn, you’re always 10 steps or more behind and it’s like impossible to keep up with the pace.

You need to be patient for sure, but knowing what will actually work certainly helps you to stay faithful to the right course until you meet with success. Just follow the direction I point to you in this PDF, stick to it, and stay the course with consistent action and determination, and you will be rewarded!

You need: Clarity. Courage. Consistency. Community. Christ.

There are many people who have tried to make money online for years before finally succeeding! This is no secret. It is common to hear people trying for more than 5 years to a decade to make money online without success. Let’s help you start breaking away from being part of this STATISTICS!

The reason why it took many who are now successful many years to figure things out is mostly because of our human tendency to move from one thing to another when we don’t find success after a period of time which we think is “long“…

For some, 2 or 3 months without success would definitely discourage them, and they would be compelled to think it’s a waste of time, give up and move on to something else which looks better… For some, a week or two without success is long enough to cause them to look elsewhere… For some, this “long time of waiting” could be as long as a few days…

How long is long for you?

Also, since most people don’t know what truly works, and what are simply a waste of time, they are actually losing thousands of dollars, have loads of regrets and are forced to face consequences beyond their control!

It is most unfortunate, even a tragic irony, for instance, that a lot of families are actually breaking down as a direct consequence of well-intentioned individuals who are merely trying to provide for their families. Many people are also drawn into money games and pyramid schemes, not knowing the devastating legal consequences…

My heart goes out to families who are suffering due to their financial situation especially during this pandemic. Thus, I’ve come out with this PDF to help make life easier and lighten the load of those who are serious about providing for their loved ones.

This is totally legitimate.

Instead of getting involved in schemes to get rich quick, and then be at risk of being fined or jailed or both… You can follow the steps in this PDF, and even if you take your time with your learning, you have this PDF as a tool (after you rebrand it with your own links of course, using this page) to help you fund your learning! =)

You want to get rich the smart way =)

Why A Re-Brandable PDF?

This will easily save you hundreds of manhours to market the same opportunities and income streams online. It’s much easier to pass on something that’s totally free and re-brandable (your prospects can input their names and domain names too, which is a great way for them to advertise their own business as well…) and build instant rapport while so doing!

The apparent transparency of what’s being offered shows that we know what truly works, have nothing to hide and we are saving you the trouble to keep wondering what’s working and what’s not! Unlike most conventional by-the-book marketers who are educated not to show their referral links, you do not need you to cloak your referral links and do not need to deal with things like the new browser standards that are changed to disable cross-domain cookie usage by default or rejection by various platforms for cloaking, redirecting or shortening our referral/affiliate links etc. Please pardon my technical lingo. Moreover, when your Re-Brandable PDF goes around virally, you basically make money under the radar! We are talking about PASSIVE INCOME. So, work hard for a short while and earn big for a long while! This is truly working smart =)

Re-Branding Time!

To re-brand the PDF with your referral links, fill in and submit the form below to download your re-branded PDF onto your computer.  Right below the form are the instructions on how to fill in the form.  Read them carefully so that you can fill in the form correctly.

Your Name

Enter your name in the way you want it to be displayed. Please do not enter a fake name 😉

Your Domain Name

If you do not have your own domain name, kindly use the domain name you see on the copy of this document being sent to you. It’s okay to help whoever sends this to you gain more exposure to their website. This is gratitude =)

Your Name of Prospect

If you are handing your re-branded PDF personally to someone in particular, say John, then key in “John”. This makes things personal for your friend.  Else, you may want to use the default “Friend” or “Friends” to address your reader(s).

Your MLGS UserID

Your MLGS Link would look something like this:


where in this example, AAAAAA is your MLGS UserID.  Please ensure that you only enter your unique userid (AAAAAA in this example) correctly so that you are properly credited!

You can find your MLGS Affiliate Link straight after you login.

Your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) UserID

Your WA Affiliate Link would look something like this:


where in this example, XXXXXX is your Wealthy Affiliate UserID.  Please ensure that you only enter your unique userid (XXXXXX in this example) correctly so that you are properly credited!

In your Wealthy Affiliate members area, right at the top of the page… 1. click on the money icon and 2. click on the link icon for “Links and Tracking”.
Under “Affiliate Links”, look for the userid right at the end of the URL after the “=” sign.
Copy only the userid to re-brand the PDF document with your WA affiliate link.

After Re-branding the PDF Document with your Affiliate Links, you only need to focus on sharing your Re-brandable PDF respectfully; meaning NO SPAMMING. SPAMMING is outright disrespectful.

Even if you make an income by SPAMMING, it will taken away from you as a direct consequence.

You can search for Facebook groups that welcome you to share files or links for instance.  Yes, there are all kinds of Facebook groups that allow you to do your marketing rather blatantly.  However, always play it smart. Make sure you play by the rules being set for each group.

Here’s a quick example of a simple search:

Search Facebook Groups to Share File
Search Facebook Groups to Share File…  Finetune your search by fine-tuning your keywords.  Join the groups, check the rules of the group, then share the file only after looking through the list of files being shared by other members.

You can learn a lot from how people describe what their file is all about.  The key is to attract people to check out your file without sounding like you’re trying to sell something.  Some special characters or emojis might do the trick as well.  Never overdo it though.

Just focus on doing this daily for 30 minutes a day.  That’s it! Not a lot of work, really. But if you work hard, not even the sky can limit the rewards you will receive!

You can also post in the groups, say something simple to invite people to PM (private message) you to gain access to your re-brandable file and your personal support.  You can then (as mentioned before) re-brand a copy using your prospect’s actual name!  This in itself not only earns you trust, but will help you grow to become a better online marketer!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how by just doing one simple task over and over again daily for a truly small amount of time can earn you more in a month than most people earn in a year!

Take action to distribute your re-brandable file daily, focus on one simple method and you will become an expert at it!  Thank me later!

Also, do check out the Resources and Freebies on this site, and bookmark this site now [CTRL+D] and look out for my progressive posts to help you become a better online marketer!

Be Blessed and Become a Blessing!

Patrick Alphonsus

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