A Dirty Little Online Marketing Secret

I’m sure that once you have subscribed to and received emails from online marketers, you’ll find yourself being flooded daily with marketing emails. Most marketers email you on a daily basis, to the extent of a few times a day!

Isn’t this crazy? Isn’t this getting out of hand? And yet, the next day you wake up, you see this pattern repeating…

Even if the content provided is “Super Valuable”, wouldn’t people be pissed off reading the same old same old over and over again? Ever wondered why marketers are doing this? Aren’t they all just basically wicked shoving their “values”, “bonuses”, “gifts”, “hooks” and “pitches” down people’s throats?

Yes, they are, and for a reason some of them may or may not be fully aware of. Does it work to bring in the sales? Yes, to a certain extent.

Is it ethical? Definitely a NO.

The reason you are reading my emails and now reading this post shows that you are truly serious about making a difference in your finances. The reason why you can read this far and are taking in my words is because you really want to know what this dirty marketing secret is all about… because you want to learn what you’ve been missing and how you too can become successful in marketing to people and making sales.

Most marketers are finding that marketing daily is the way to go. “SPAMMING” has become acceptable not because it is acceptable, but because people are trained to be distracted and overloaded during this time and age!

So, when a marketer emails you a few times a day, what you are actually getting is a Force-Feed to train you and build Instant Rapport with you. Everything needs to be Instant nowadays for most people, which forces most marketers to take this route.

I’m aware of this. Now, I could easily adapt or repurpose many of the spammy emails from “great” marketers I’ve received and pass them on to you, and you would think that I’m providing you with excellent value and then kind of expect a few emails from me daily… it would be as if I’ve warmed up to you and have become someone whose emails are okay to make their way into your inbox… you’ll then open and read those titles that stand out, and just keep those other emails that don’t have compelling enough titles for another day just in case…

Whilst this might have become acceptable to you and most people today, it’s honestly not acceptable to me. I know this secret, and now you know it as well. It’s merely going with the flow of the times, and training the people receiving emails to become familiar with being marketed to and hence easily prone to become repeated buyers.

The buying triggers are easier to be activated because of the virtual yet fake rapport that has been built and established through such a “Behavioural Training”. Yes, this is all training you to eventually part with your money more easily. Most marketers are frankly not concerned about whether or not you actually benefit from their “follow up” emails. They are mostly concerned about their email open rates, click through rates, sales conversion and ROI at the end of the day!

For me, providing you with value is important. It doesn’t matter if you buy from me or not because I’m marketing online mainly to rediscover who I truly am. What truly matters to me is that you eventually learn what you need to learn and become financially free, and doing that without compromising the person you are meant to be.

My story is complicated, but to cut to the chase, I basically lost a whole lot of memories, and am still rediscovering myself by relearning how I was able to make money online in the past… Marketing online is an important part of my journey to find out who I truly am because not doing so got me questioning why I did that in the first place, feeling that a big part of me is still amiss.

I’ve succeeded before, and I’m also succeeding now, not so much because of the knowledge and skill sets I have managed to re-learn and re-acquire, but more so because I’ve rediscovered that I passionately love the human race, and am a person who genuinely wants to make this world a better place for as many people as possible! I’m thus more and more motivated to continue this journey to help people make money online, and am still discovering a lot more about myself on a daily basis … and not agreeing with some of the commonly taught practices online is one of the many discoveries I’ve made about myself.

Thus, I’m revealing this dirty little online marketing secret here. By knowing this secret, you will become more aware of what is at work behind the scenes, the Unethical Training you and many are being put through without your knowledge, and hopefully you will become less susceptible to such brain/behavioural hacks and save your loved ones and yourself some heartaches.

Below is a post I have posted in a private Facebook group today, and reading it should give you a better idea of how I view this dirty little marketing secret:

As you ought to know by now, I’m marketing online because I’m rediscovering myself after having gone through massive memory loss. What I’ve discovered today as I continue to do marketing online is that I’m not agreeable with some current practices that are outright unethical.

One such practice which I’ll be working towards undoing from my end is the daily and excessively frequent email follow up via autoresponders.

See, I have observed for a while that this is the same tactic taught everywhere, and the reason this is being taught is that it actually works... however, what truly underlies this success bothers me.

The email series plus “occasional” broadcast emails are incorporated to train the readers to become accustomed to receiving excessive emails and become immune to being spammed, so that eventually they can find it acceptable to be spammed “ethically” and become distracted and easy prey to being sold multiple times.  It’s like a milking process, whereby they “feed” you in order to “milk” you!

Most marketers are trained this way and they don’t really care if their clientele are truly going to benefit from the process... what they are taught to care for first is their own bottom line, thus motivating them to “nurture” their lists for “milking”.  Hope this doesn’t sound too crude 😳

I would love to have you become good at marketing and sales, but please remember, it should never be at the expense of losing yourself in the process.

Do spare some thought here 😎

Hopefully this little post would make sense to you and build a better and more humane foundation for you 😊

Be Blessed!

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