3 DOs and 3 DON’Ts of an Internet Marketer

As an Internet Marketer, there are actually many things to learn and master.

Here in this post, I’ll share with you 3 DOs and 3 DON’Ts that I personally practise in order to keep my sanity.


#1 Focus On One Thing At Any One Time.

This may sound simple, but trust me, it’s one of the hardest things to do when it comes to marketing online. There is a whole lot of things to do, and so little time!

If you find that you are somewhat racing against time all the time, know that you’re not alone. This can lead to the OVERWHELMING FEELING most marketers would understand, and DISCOURAGEMENT is just around the corner…

How can we handle this issue?

Literally focus on doing one task for a fixed period of time; 15 to 30 minutes, up to me to determine how much time I’ll need, but I’ll just do one task during that timeframe!

If I can’t complete the task within that timeframe, I’ll still take a 5-minute break, and then continue with the task after that. Sometimes, it’s more helpful for me to take my mind off the task for a while, and as such, I’ll simply move on to another task that is usually unrelated to the first task, and come back to it after doing one or two different tasks with similar intervals… having a timer forces me to stick to the timing <img role=

#2 Simplify Early

If I can have things done in a simple manner, I would do so as early as possible. Doing things in a complex manner would cause things to become more complex, making room for more mistakes to be committed. This principle not only applies to Mathematics, which is my favourite subject, but is very much applicable to everything else in life.

Keeping things simple right from the get go is the way to go. If I have a plan or strategy that requires more than a page to list everything down in point form, I would consider that complex.

#3 Due Diligence —> Research and Test Things Out

Before deciding on selling or even buying a product, always do a thorough research. Having said this, it still takes some discernment when we look at reviews.

Some marketers like to give “especially bad” reviews even to great products in order to kill their competition and promote their “number one” recommendation. Thus, we need to be aware that not all reviews are accurate.

Many reviews we find online are not objective. Some rave reviews are worded to just get us to spend our money… and to later regret it. Some reviews are pretty rich in detail, and yet it may be ghost-written to push a certain perspective to us.

Sometimes, the most relevant content just wouldn’t show up on the first page of the search engine. We may refine our research by typing in the relevant keywords in the search engine and adding a “+ forum” or “+ blog” etc. to look for relevant content under a particular platform of our choice. A neat trick.

We must make it our best practice to test things out and track our results before scaling things up. We could test out our ads using alternative platforms like traffic exchanges and track the performance of our ad copies, our presell pages and our offers.

An alternative cool approach is to simply get involved in a Facebook group or some active forum or any platform where you can ask for objective opinions from other members who know things you might not know <img role=

Okay, now let’s move on…


#1 Do Not Look For Imaginary Limiting Beliefs

It’s always good to be able to identify the beliefs we have that prevent us from achieving success and thus limit the potential within us.

These limiting beliefs pop up occasionally in our conversations with the people around us, our self talk and our quiet time when we pray and reflect about our lives. Becoming aware of them helps us to remove the limitations we’ve placed on ourselves.

If you believe that you have a limiting belief that is holding you back from succeeding, even if in reality there’s nothing holding you back, you will be held back from success just because you’re actually and effectively imagining yourself being held back. Such a search for a limiting belief is self-sabotaging.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with searching out for our limiting beliefs and then replacing them with beliefs that set us free, but if we can’t find any more limiting beliefs, we just don’t go making one up to limit ourselves! <img role=

#2 Do Not Use Your Ads To Sell

The purpose of creating your ad copy is to grab attention to direct your prospective audience to your presell, and never to sell the product. If your ad audience perceive your ad to be even trying to “sell something” to them, chances are they would run away swiftly in the opposite direction. Selling using your ad copy is like asking your blind date to marry you immediately during the initial introduction.

#3 Do Not Be Greedy

This may seem like common sense, but it’s in our frail human nature to do so. If we come from a place of greed, nothing would ever satisfy us. Also, greed prevents us from truly having our clients’ interest at heart.

With greed as our motivation, we would never be contented with earning a couple of thousands, and we would most likely disappoint, overload and overwhelm ourselves eventually. It also makes us especially vulnerable to the Squirrel or Shiny Object Syndrome.

Of course there are many other DOs and DON’Ts that I can write about, like do put yourself in your client’s shoes, do overdeliver, don’t sell yourself short, don’t sweat the little things, don’t give up… but I’m not writing a book here <img role=

What about you? What would your DOs and DON’Ts be? Coming up with them would definitely help you frame your mind and intentions properly to be able to become a good internet marketing person. Do share your special DOs and DON’Ts here so that we can all learn a little more, and grow stronger and wiser together <img role=

Cheers <img role= Be Blessed!